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It is critical that communities recognize the contributions of Police Officers, who place their lives on the line each day in order to protect citizens. A strong society is one that encourages positive relationships between police officers and community members. One of society’s major objectives is to recognize those that serve it. Thus, the recognition of law enforcement is a critical responsibility of a democratic society.


Our goal is to breach the gap between the community and the Police  where officers are not seen as the antagonist but rather someone we can rely on and know that he/she is there to protect us and the community. When people feel comfortable with the Police, it creates a union where crime cannot stand within the community.

Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng the founder did not set out just to fund an organization but simply wanted to thank the men and women of our local police departments for their valuable service. As he diligently worked to build new and lasting relationships between police and citizens, he was able to help bring the community together for an important cause. Through his leadership and example, our organization is able to honor the sacrifices and services of police officers as they work to provide a safe community for all residents.

With that reason, Faithful Servants of America was established to partner with the community to appreciate the selfless services and the sacrifices of our local Police Officers, through an annual Faithful Servant Award. 



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Faithful Servants of America, 1354 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192

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